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Increase Profits * Retain Talent 

Transform Decision Making * Energize Your Workforce

Increase Profits

Engaged managers & employees are more aware, creative, collaborative, aligned, and transparent. This leads to increased profit performance.

Transform Decision Making

A lot stands in the way of great decisions…including blind spots, instinctual biases, psychological survival drives, groupthink, and confirmation bias. You can learn to successfully navigate this minefield.

Retain Talent

Today, talented people expect growth, development, meaningful work, & excellent managers. If you don’t deliver, they leave.

Energize Your Workforce

The number one key to an engaged team is A+ Managers and team development that grows trust and performance. These energize your team’s performance

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Do you and your organization struggle with disengagement dynamics such as:

Lack of connection and direction from your managers?

Inauthentic communication due to lack of trust?

Not fully aligned on goals and values?

Lack of collaboration?

Not meeting overall goals?

Turf wars?

Being overwhelmed?

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Kris spent two days with our senior leadership on the principles of relational engagement, barriers to trust and team development and strategies to promote each. The team responded beyond our expectations and we have committed to further developing a core curriculum with Kris. He is a gifted communicator, teacher and coach. His humility, coupled with his knowledge and content mastery, is striking and engaging in the group setting.”

Rich Steinle

CEO, Innovista Health Solutions

“As a result of Kris’s training, our team now has a much greater personal and situational awareness as well as a common lexicon for addressing issues when they arise. The feedback was so good that we plan to extend his program to both our senior team as well as the rest of our mid-level managers.”

David McCormick

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The REAL RESULTS Training unlocks the power of sustainable engagement for Individuals, Teams and Organizations.

RESULTS: Specific, measurable desired results that accelerate your success.

EXPERIENCE: Engaged experiences that motivate and lock in high performance

AND: You Learn how the system that creates the ongoing

LEARNING you need to sustain it.

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Why choose Engagement Mastery?

 We provide a Training and Coaching Pathway that is experiential, interactive, intensive, and effective. The result is high trust, well managed teams who collaborate to produce A+ results.

The Engagement Mastery Pathway


Level 1: Personal Awareness

Understand yourself…your work style, instinctual biases, survival biases, strengths, challenges and blind spots.

Level 2: Team Awareness

Understand those you directly work with… their work style, instinctual biases, survival biases, strengths, challenges and blind spots.

Level 3: Organizational Awareness

Understand where your organization is low on trust, high on group think and confirmation bias, and low on generous listening, healthy feedback, collaboration and alignment. Then transform those areas through Engagement Mastery’s REAL RESULTS System.

World class organizational cultures excel in: 

Creating trust, collaboration, alignment

Healthy and authentic communication

Clarity and effectiveness in reaching goals

Effective support and leadership from managers

These dynamics are learned, practiced and developed. If you are not training your leadership and employees in these areas, do not expect them to occur consistently.

Start laying the foundation for Engagement Mastery in your organization now!

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What’s My Investment?


How much is lack of alignment and collaboration costing you? Do you have a solid management development program in place that is producing breakthrough results? Would you like increase synergy by creating deeper trust on your teams?

Do your teams miss goals too often with lack of clarity on how to decisively regain their momentum? Is your turnover rate more than you would like? Is the personal and professional growth that is happening among your team keeping up?

Not maximizing your employee engagement is very costly. Gallup’s 2017 National Employee Survey found that disengaged employees cost the country somewhere between $450 and $550 billion each year.


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Engagement Mastery
The 3 Instinctual Biases That Determine Relational Chemistry

In life, what you see is not necessarily what you get…..

Explore the three unique biological instinctual patterns that subtly guide us every day, and learn how those patterns affect the chemistry that develops between relationships and workplace teams. We all have these non-conscious instinctual survival patterns, along with all other mammals. They run silently in our non-conscious unawareness. As a result, every day, people misunderstand each other in subtle but important ways. 

This can lead to disengagement, misunderstanding, misalignment, or even conflict. The root of this problem can be traced to these three instinctual patterns, or ‘instinctual biases,’ that develop as a result of many factors. Each of us has adopted one of these three different patterns. They silently influence every decision we make and every perception we draw. 

Every day, as you interact with the different patterns of people around you, some very predictable behaviors are played out. Once you discover these three patterns, it will change forever the way you see your relationships, workplace, and how you interact with people. 

By attending this workshop, you’ll be able to expose fundamental blind spots and recognize the three patterns in yourself and others. Best of all, you’ll be able to navigate every environment you encounter with new confidence and skill because you’ll understand the powerful biological instincts behind our behaviors.

Get in on the cutting edge of this exciting exploration of instinctual drives that impact every perception and action you take!


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