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Kris Kile, CEO of Engagement Mastery and, is a Certified Master Trainer, Coach & Author who has been teaching and coaching with transformational growth disciplines since 1996. He has been the CEO of two training organizations, and has authored several training programs, books and workshops. Over this period of time, he has worked with thousands of people in trainings and workshops.

One of his key areas of focus is to train people how to discover and break through the many unseen obstacles that can hold even the most successful individuals or organizations from reaching their pinnacle. To address that need Kris launched Engagement Mastery.

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At Engagement Mastery, we work closely with you to understand your team’s management styles, instinctual biases, strengths, challenges and blind spots. We create a proven, multidimensional roadmap addressing the fundamentals of creating trust, turning differences into advantages, resolving conflicts, creating alignment and collaboration and achieving goals. Our powerful strategies maximize potential, unlock latent sources of productivity, and allow you and your team to thrive at optimal levels.

Engagement Mastery clients enjoy:
• Increased profits, cash flow, and revenues
• Higher employee retention
• Enhanced insight and performance
• Better leadership and management
• Improved innovation, execution, and strategic thinking

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Kris also teaches workshops and is publishing several books regarding the Enneagram, with the first of those coming out mid 2020. In addition, he is publishing a twelve book series of individual studies called Transform University. And, the second half of 2020 he will be publishing the first two books of a series called, Apprenticing Jesus. Ultimately this series will be five studies.

Kris lives in Austin Texas with his wife, Katie. They have two adult sons, Timothy and Christopher.


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